How To Memorize The Bible

Oct 20, 2022 my blog

Sometimes, I receive an email that peruses something like this one:

“I need to figure out how to remember the entire Book of scriptures. I read your depiction of your program and I’m as yet uncertain whether it is all that you say it is or some plan. I was contemplating whether there are whatever other subtleties that you can give me to help me?”

Is It Truly Conceivable To Remember The Entire Book of scriptures?

As you undoubtably know, remembering the entire Book of scriptures is a huge undertaking. Notwithstanding, I truly do accept it is conceivable! As a matter of fact, William Walker Atkinson says, in his book “Memory, How To Create, Train and Use It”:

In India, previously, the sacrosanct books were focused on memory, and gave over from educator to understudy, for a long time.

Also, even today it is no remarkable thing for the understudy to have the option to rehash, in exactly the same words, some voluminous strict work equivalent in degree to the New Confirmation.

Max Muller expresses that the whole text and glossary of Panini’s Sanscrit language structure, equivalent in degree to the whole Book of scriptures, were given over orally for a very long time prior to being focused on composition.

There are Brahmins today who have focused on memory, and who can rehash freely, the whole assortment of strict sonnets known as the Mahabarata, comprising of more than 300,000 slokas or refrains.

That’s what leland states, “the Slavonian entertainers of the current day have by heart with momentous exactness hugely lengthy, legendary sonnets.

I have found something very similar among Algonquin Indians whose As in the days of Noah adventures or mythic legends are relentless, but then are committed word by word precisely.

I have heard in Britain of a woman ninety years old whose memory was supernatural, and of which exceptional occurrences are described by her companions.

She credited it to the way that when youthful she had been made to gain a refrain from the Holy book consistently, and afterward continually survey it.

As her memory improved, she found out more, the outcome being that in the end she could rehash from memory any refrain or section called for in the entire Sacred text.”

So it is conceivable! Be that as it may, it is quite difficult. Furthermore, regardless of what methods you use, it will require you an extremely lengthy investment to succeed – – on the off chance that you prevail by any means.

I can’t promise you that you will prevail with regards to remembering the entire Book of scriptures, and I would dare to say that anybody who professes to have procedures to ensure outcome in such an undertaking is a liar. (I realize those are solid words, and it is only my perspective; yet my viewpoint it is.)

There are books out there on remembering, some incredible, some not-ideal, and some that likely ought not be sold by any means.