Is Decorative Concrete Really Viable For The Enhancement Of Concrete Projects?

Mar 4, 2023 my blog

Yes, decorative concrete does provide a good ‘bang for the buck” and is a viable option for enhancing concrete projects. A slowly recovering economy and immense competition amid the concrete contracting industry have made the price of adorned and decorated concrete a real deal today.

An attractive decorative driveway, patio, concrete pool deck, sidewalk, walkway, parking area, or other decorated concrete addition or enhancement is an investment in the premises, period. It functions, adds value, and improves appearances.

How Are Decorative Concrete Projects Installed?

After the normal process of planning and preparing the area’s layout, the routine pouring of the concrete takes place. If colored concrete is desired – coloring can be added during or after the process. Innumerable shades of dyes, paints, stains, and even acid staining are available.

Next? Most commonly, stamped concrete is the physical method of choice. Particular designs and shapes of all types of concrete stamps are now available. They are simply imprinted atop the concrete. Traditionally recognizable patterns such as imitations of flagstone, slate, rock, brick, tile, wood, and other decors are still the most popular decorative concrete themes. However, there are further touches available.

Today the client can also choose the texture of his or her stamped concrete installation. Some people prefer a coarse or rougher surface for safety. Others like the notion of embedded rocks or pebbles for looks and attractiveness. For some owners or managers, a smooth top is just tarmac driveways dublin fine. It all depends upon the function of the concrete and its relative location. Many clients opt for a smooth driveway and a safer coarse pool deck. You get the idea. Sealing and curing then follows.

Decorative Concrete Maintenance

Once completed, these projects are very low-maintenance, which further adds to its economical viability. Basic hosing, washing, sweeping, or blowing adds to its already long endurance. This saves time, hassles, and money. Get the picture? Concrete care is rarely even an issue. It practically takes care of itself.

Choosing A Concrete Contractor

After understanding the basics of colored, textured, shaped, or stamped concrete – it is extremely important to employ the right concrete contractor to install your decorative project. It is advisable to pick a company that has a solid reputation for honesty, and delivers a written estimate before being hired. References, photographs, testimonials, and addresses of past jobs and clients are also a definite plus. DO NOT be afraid to ask!