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When Meta works on a rival to Twitter, Elon Musk labels Instagram users as having low IQs

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    Twitter's staff was warned of his visit. | File Photo

    Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter last year, triggered speculation about the microblogging site eventually shutting down and prompted users to look for alternatives such as Mastodon. Rival social media giant Meta also jumped in recently, by announcing a new decentralised platform for sharing text updates to compete with Twitter.

    After mocking Mark Zuckerberg as a copycat for the plan, Musk has now taken a jibe by suggesting that Instagram users have below 100 IQ.

    Mocks the intelligence of Instagrammers

    The new Twitter boss who had admitted to having a cheesy secret Instagram account last year, mocked Zuckerberg's image sharing platform with a tweet.

    He suggested that Instagram had a maximum IQ limit of 100 for users to join the platform, which makes them below average.

    The IQ of a person above 116 is considered to be above average, while any score beyond 130 is seen as high.

    Not his first spat with peers

    Musk has been known to get into Twitter spats with tech sector peers such as Bill Gates, while he took on Jeff Bezos as SpaceX and Blue Origin were racing ahead for supremacy in space.

    After being criticised for his paid verification model for Twitter, Musk has warned that any platform that doesn't do the same will be swarmed by bots.


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